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Locating a Rainwater Leak | SERVPRO® of Downtown and East Charlotte

5/19/2023 (Permalink)

 img src =”water” alt = "raindrops falling in a puddle of water creating ripples across the surface” > If you see any water damage in your home, call SERVPRO of Downtown and East Charlotte to help keep your home dry.

Spring showers bring May flowers, right? While that might be true, spring showers can also bring water damage. Any time that rain accompanies a storm, your home is vulnerable to a potential water leak.

In order to stop these water issues from happening, it is important to understand the areas of your home that are more prone to water leaks. Read on as our SERVPRO of Downtown and East Charlotte team explains more below.

Windows and Doors

It should be no surprise that any area of your home that has direct access to the outside has the potential to leak. Rain can easily leak in between the window sash and jamb and get into your wall studs. Oftentimes, this isn’t noticeable right away, which can lead to rotten walls or degraded framing around the window.

The threshold around any exterior doors also has the potential to cause water problems. If water gets up under the wood beneath your threshold, it can cause the wood to warp, sag and rot as well. Make sure that your doors don’t have any gaps around the frame, and consider investing in a storm door that helps create a barrier between your exterior door and the elements.

Up on Your Roof

Our roofs take on the heavy burden of keeping us warm and dry during a thunderstorm or rainstorm. Over time, they can experience wear and tear or damage during a severe weather event. Leaks can occur around your skylights or attic windows, or they can start from a single missing or broken shingle.

As water slowly leaks into your attic space, it can easily leak into other areas of your home. It will eventually seep through your ceiling and down your walls. If it makes it to your floors, it can spread through your floor joists as well.

Inspecting your roof after each thunderstorm can help alert you to damage, which can prevent a water leak from becoming a huge problem for you.

Your Home’s Siding

Your siding isn’t as vulnerable to water leaks as your roof and windows, but it still has the potential to cause widespread issues. If a particularly severe storm with strong winds rolls into town, the wind can easily cause the rain to get blown sideways. If it gets up under your siding, it can cause structural integrity issues to your interior walls.

If your home does suffer water damage due to a rainwater leak this season, SERVPRO of Downtown and East Charlotte is here for you. We will dry out the water, patch up the leak and assist in any type of restoration or reconstruction projects that you need to ensure a full recovery.

Got water damage? Our SERVPRO specialists can help.

Keep House Fires at Bay This Spring

3/7/2023 (Permalink)

Firefighters extinguishing a fire at a large brick house If fire strikes your home this spring, SERVPRO® of Downtown and East Charlotte will be there to make the damage "Like it never even happened."

The arrival of warmer temperatures and more daylight can only mean one thing—spring is on the way! With the arrival of spring returns many people’s desires to get outside to clean up or tackle some home renovation projects.

Before you grab that hedge trimmer or power tool, make sure you are taking the necessary steps to avoid starting a house fire.

Clean Up Inside

One of the main causes of house fires is appliance malfunctions. In particular, clothes dryers are a common culprit.

You should be regularly cleaning out your lint trap after every load, and it’s important to avoid placing anything too close to your dryer that can catch on fire, like boxes, wrapping paper or cleaning supplies.

In addition, your vent that leads outside should not be blocked in any way. Not only can it be dangerous for your health if that air can’t escape safely, it can also lead to a system failure and can spark a fire. Keep your vents clear and make sure to thoroughly clean them out each season to remove dust and debris buildup.

Inspect Your Equipment

Oftentimes, our outdoor lawn equipment and grills aren’t used as often (or at all) during the winter. If your equipment is left to sit for a while, it becomes vulnerable to malfunctions or potential issues when spring rolls around.

Before lighting up your grill, make sure the gas lines and connectors are secure and that there aren’t any leaks or visible dents in your propane tanks.

Your lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment also need to be inspected for similar issues. Take extra care to inspect the gas tanks and repair any leaks or holes. Even the tiniest of gas leaks can be a huge fire hazard in the right environment.

Keep Debris Clear

Spring is a great time for getting outside and cleaning up around your property.

Wind, rain and other winter weather events can throw around debris and cause fallen branches or other vegetation. As you clean up and clear things away, make sure to stack your piles far away from your home. Dried branches and leaves are great kindling for fire, so don’t create more fuel for a potential house fire or wildfire to consume.

Prevention is always the best choice when it comes to house fires, but if you do wind up with fire damage, we are here for you. Our fire damage restoration team will arrive at your door quickly, and we will work tirelessly to return your home to its pre-fire state right away.

Fire damage can be widespread. If you suffer a house fire, call us at SERVPRO of Downtown and East Charlotte for a full restoration.

Are Renters Responsible for Water Damage?

7/25/2022 (Permalink)

Family moving into their new rental home. Family moving into their new rental home.

When you rent out a home in Pine Ridge, NC, your tenants expect a safe place to live. In addition to maintaining your property, you need to be ready for potential water loss. 

Your first question will likely be: Are my renters responsible for any water damage? In most cases they are not. As the landlord, it is your duty to keep the property’s plumbing in working condition. If the water damage is caused by a pipe, faulty appliances, HVAC units or a natural disaster, the landlord is usually responsible. In some cases the renter can be at fault for damage if their personal appliance causes the damage. In most cases the landlord is not responsible for any damage to the renters belongings. 

Signs of water damage to watch for: 

Because you, the landlord, are responsible for most cases of water damage it is important to be vigilant. As a landlord you probably already check your property at least once a year. During these inspections keep an eye out for these signs.

  • Changes in wall and ceiling surface texture: any bending or sagging of plaster or drywall is a sign of water damage. Look for bubbles or cracks that may indicate water. 
  • Odors: When water leaks behind walls it can often be slow enough that it is invisible. While you might not be able to see the damage, mold and mildew can grow causing odors. Mold can cause health effects, so it is important to contact a water restoration company to address both the water and mold. 
  • High utility bills: If you or your tenant notice unusually high utility bills, it can be an indication of a hidden leak that needs to be addressed immediately. 

If your Charlotte, NC, rental property has experienced water damage, be sure to contact SERVPRO of East Charlotte to make it "Like it never even happened."

We are Flood Specialists

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded Laundry Room Standing water from a leak in laundry room

Whether your home or business has unwanted water due to cracked water lines outside or pipes inside, SERVPRO of East Charlotte is ready to help! Our technicians are highly trained to respond to water disasters of any size with the professionalism and training necessary to ensure the space is restored as quickly as possible.  

  • We are a preferred vendor to many national insurance companies.
  • We work directly with insurance companies.
  • We follow s500 IICRC Restoration Standards
  • We use specialty inspection and extraction equipment
  • SERVPRO of East Charlotte is local, so rest easy knowing our family will take care of your family

Call SERVPRO of East Charlotte today at (704) 529-9963 and our professional team of technicians will respond quickly to your home or business. We are, Here to Help®!

Smoke Damaged Books

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

Two books sitting on a table with smoke billowing out of them Smoke damaged books

Do you have smoke damaged books after a fire? Can they be saved? Yes, it is possible, with some time and care. If you decide to attempt to clean up the books yourself, we have supplied a list below to help you with the process:

Book Covers:

  1. In a small bowl mix warm water and a small amount of detergent.
  2. Slightly dampen a soft cloth or sponge.
  3. Being careful not to scrub, gently wipe soot from the book covers.
  4. Immediately wipe dry with a clean, dry, soft cloth.
  5. Allow the book cover to dry completely.
  6. The book cover may dull after being cleaned. If this happens, apply a very light layer of oil-based furniture polish

Book Pages:

Cleaning book pages will depend on the level of damage. It is important to never introduce moisture to the pages as it will make the process more difficult.

  • Slight damage: use a dry sponge to gently wipe off the soot.
  • Moderate damage: use an art gum eraser to rub the edges of the pages. If this is not working, use a hard, rubber eraser.
  • Persistent damage: use a clamp to hold the pages shut and use a piece of sandpaper to gently remove the smoke damage. Move slowly and evenly to avoid waves in the pages. Using a dry sponge wipe away any dust from the sanding. 

Remove Smoke Odor:

  1. Fill a plate or bowl with either baking soda, fresh coffee grounds, activated charcoal, or white vinegar and place it in a box or bag. Place the books next to the plate or bowl and close the box or bag.
  2. Let it sit for several hours or overnight.
  3. Remove the odor absorber and if the smoke smell has not fully disappeared, repeat the process using a fresh odor absorber.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the post fire clean up process contact us, SERVPRO of East Charlotte is Here to Help®!

Team Bowen Expands SERVPRO® Franchise Territory into Charlotte and Surrounding Communities

7/15/2022 (Permalink)

Map of Eastern U.S. calling out new Team Bowen Franchise locations “Here we GROW again! Team Bowen is ready to make it “Like it never even happened®.”

Team Bowen is excited to announce our expansion in Charlotte, North Carolina, which will add to the existing SERVPRO franchise in East Mecklenburg/Matthews. East Charlotte, Northeast Mecklenburg County, and South Mecklenburg County are now a part of the Team Bowen franchise. This means over 250,000 additional households and 8,000 businesses will receive support when in need of emergency response due to fire, water, or mold damage.

These additions are part of our commitment to helping our local communities flourish. We are available 24/7, 365, and are ready to take your call. Although we can’t prevent a disaster, we are ready for whatever happens!

“We are humbled yet excited to continue to grow and expand our market presence in the Charlotte community,” Bruce Bowen, CEO of Team Bowen, commented. “Our team of quality people who focus on excellent service, fairness, and mutual respect, have allowed us to expand our footprint and still provide that same quality service throughout the southeast. These locations are key to our regional coverage. Whether it is a storm event or a complex commercial/industrial loss, quick response time is critical. Our team has the resources, manpower, and equipment necessary to respond to these specific situations. We are the National Disaster Recovery Team.”


For more than 50 years, SERVPRO® has been a trusted leader in fire and water cleanup and restoration services, mold mitigation, and biohazard and pathogen remediation. SERVPRO’s professional service network of more than 2,000 individually owned and operated franchises spans the United States and Canada, responding to property damage emergencies large and small – from million-square-foot commercial facilities to individual homes. When disaster strikes, homeowners, business owners, and major insurance companies alike rely on SERVPRO® to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO® Team Bowen

In 1977, Barry and Beth Bowen decided to follow their passion for service to others with their careers and set out on a mission to build a reputable and respected property damage restoration company in Tuscaloosa, AL. Having grown up entrenched in the family business, it was no surprise when the current owners, Bruce and Brian Bowen, took over in 2004. Now based in Montgomery, AL., the Bowen Team has franchise locations in Montgomery, AL., Norcross, GA., Charleston, SC., and Charlotte, NC. Today, due to their continued dedication and hard work, we are a leader and trusted name in mitigation, remediation, restoration, reconstruction, and premier cleaning throughout Southeast and U.S.

Our team has more than a century of combined restoration experience. Each team member is equipped with unique and practical skills to excel in every project and exceed the expectations of our customers. Furthermore, we have an extensive inventory of restoration equipment designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of every facet of mitigation and reconstruction for damaged homes and businesses that we serve, no matter how big or how small.

Click below to find more information on our expansion:

SERVPRO East Charlotte

SERVPRO South Mecklenburg County

Why We Are Faster to Any Size Disaster™

7/7/2022 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO employees unloading equipment off a SERVPRO truck SERVPRO of East Charlotte is Faster to Any Size Disaster™

Why is SERVPRO of East Charlotte Faster to Any Size Disaster™? We offer 24 hour Emergency Service to your East Charlotte, NC home! Water can cause damage very quickly, that is why it is so important to begin remediation immediately. The clock is ticking and it is easier, more cost effective, and more efficient to mediate your water loss as soon as possible.

What will the rogue water do? Here is the usual timeline:

  • Within minutes of water entering your East Charlotte, NC, home water contamination begins to spread, furniture finishes become damaged and begin to leach into fabrics.
  • Within hours furniture soaking in water will begin to swell and delaminate, causing permanent damage, odors are amplified by the humidity, dyes begin to bleed.
  • If water has not been removed in days, fungi will begin to appear, wood floors and structures will begin to warp and be rendered unsalvageable, paint and wallpaper will begin to peel. 

Water can cause damage very quickly, which is why it is so important to begin remediation immediately. If your East Charlotte, NC, home has experienced a water disaster remember, SERVPRO of East Charlotte is, Here to help. Need Emergency Service? Call Us 24/7 – (704) 529-9963

Nightmare to end your vacation

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Collapsed ceiling from water damage

Vacations are meant to be fun, carefree, mind clearing experiences but for one family their vacation was cut short when a water line on the second floor busted.

Response Time

A neighbor spotted water flowing out of the upstairs windows and the front door when they went to check on the house for them. After the neighbor called the homeowners we got a call minutes later and arrived on scene within the hour.


When we arrived on scene we walked through the house with the neighbor and video called the homeowner to show them the damage that had been done. After seeing the damage the homeowner wanted us to get to work, we emailed the paperwork and got started.


After demo of almost the entire house we got to work drying and mitigating. The house looked like Dexter's labratory when we were down.


After drying and mitigation was done the rebuild process began to get the homeowners back on their feet. After the job was done correctly and efficiently the homeowner thanked us for our work and got back on their feet.

Thermal Imaging

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Thermal imaging in a congested garage reporting saturated areas.

As a industry leader SERVPRO of Northeast Mecklenburg County has a lot of specialized equipment, training, and tricks up our sleeve to be able to help you in any sized disaster. One of the biggest tools we use for water damage is a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera. This thermal imaging shows a differentiation in heat and will easily be able to point out to use any hidden water damage you may not be able to see to the naked eye. When you want to find exactly where the water ran and ensure the home is being inspected thoroughly, especially high reach areas, Thermal Imaging is utilized. Combine that tool, with SERVPRO System knowledge and we will help you take control back and provide the right foundation to repair your home, office, or commercial space