Water Damage Photo Gallery

Drying After A Water Loss

Our crew responded to a water loss job, after the carpet padding was taken out we placed our state of the art dehumidifier to dry the sub-floor and backing of the carpet which luckily had no discoloration. Our team also sprayed disinfectant to make sure mold growth would not happen.  

Water Will Run

Our crew arrived on a water call and the source was a water supply line. The water had ran throughout the house and affected the whole house. Our crew had to take all the wood flooring, carpet, baseboards, and anything impacted by water. 

Hidden Water Leak

Upon arrival at a water job we noticed certain areas were wet but had no visible damage, one cool tool we use is the FLIR. Its a thermal imaging tool that shows the differentiation in heat signatures. This photo shows wet spots located in the ceiling that could not be seen by the naked eye. 

Mother Nature's Calling Card

What's in your Building Envelope!

Regular building maintenance is critical. This picture is from a commercial space which has sustained roof leaks and not addressed them. The result of which literally has things growing in the walls which is evident by the mushrooms observed during our inspection. If you are noticing musty odors or smells, all areas of the premise must be inspected. We can help you take control back of your commercial space.