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Cleaning Testimonials

I am a landlord living in CT with a townhouse in Charlotte, NC.  The last tenant had a 45 lb dog that had urinated in every room of my rental.  I had the floors ripped out in every room and placed new flooring in addition to having the floors treated prior to installation.  Walls and ceilings were repainted also, however the smell of urine was so overwhelming that potential renters and buyers was so distracting they were not interested in my unit.  Before having all the floors pulled up again for a 2nd treatment I contacted SERVPRO and they came out to inspect and provided a recommendation for some cleaning and a Hydroxyl Ozone Treatment.  When I sent my realtor and property manager to the unit after SERVPRO had treated it, they told me the smell was gone. About  a week later, my 1st offer to purchase the unit came through!!  Not only did SERVPRO cure the problem that was ailing me for months, but they were professional, patient in explaining the process of the treatment, and reasonable to work with.  A big thank you to SERVPRO.

This company is amazing. Training a puppy then adopting kittens proved to be dirty and smelly. They came on time to our appointment with booties on and thoroughly cleaned our carpets. That was months ago - that horrible animal smell never came back. It's like they used magic. I'd definitely recommend them.